Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cookus Interruptus

Just a quick shout-out to an awesome recipe site.  Today's recipe that's calling to me is the salad dressing page.  So more like five or six recipes.  But you should never eat naked salad, and I'm heartily sick of buying bottled stuff from the store.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tonight was girls night

I got a makeover done by a lovely six year old girl.  And my toes got did.  I look very fabulous.  Popcorn with garlic salt was eaten in great quantities, as well as popsicles that boys aren't allowed to eat.  And an ice-cream sandwich.
Sometimes it's good to just paint every toenail a different color and smear eyeliner in your eyebrows. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Mountain of Exaltation

So there are those that say there are many paths, and all lead to the same place.  I don't agree with that.  We're all climbing a mountain, but some of those paths just meander around without getting any higher.  Some spiral downward, though the flowers along the way smell pretty.  Some paths are easier than others, and do climb to the very pinnacle.  Some are unnecessarily difficult, and those that take them need the challenge in order to grow.  

I keep wanting to switch paths.  Am I switching to something that's unnecessarily hard?  Do I need to because I'm so stubborn?  Or because I'm so weak that I need the extra work to build the faith muscles that have atrophied of late?

Sometimes I feel like Hamlet.  My thoughts will be nothing but bloody!  Aaaaand... I don't actually do anything about it.  (If that last bit makes sense to anyone but me, kudos to you!)

Things I want to Write

I really do enjoy diving into deep and sometimes dramatic subjects: Goddess at the top of my list.  But it's not the only thing going through my head.  In fact, these days, the highest priority in my life is finding a way to heal Sprout's cough.  And getting registered for classes in the major that is the new love of my life--anthropology.  I don't have time to struggle with depression anymore, and today I really felt some clouds lift.  I'm also trying to find time to write my fiction, which is my ultimate goal.  And then sometimes I just want to sit down and write about whatever pissed me off today.
Here's a list of things I hate:
1. shopping carts left in parking spots
2. cigarette smoke even in the tiniest vapor passing my face
3. family/friends not taking me seriously because I'm too passionate about something for their comfort
4. cockroaches

Also, I want to write about stuff like breastfeeding and babywearing and EC and cloth diapers and childbirth and and and and

I need to get some things out of my head and onto 'paper' before school starts in August and eats my brain.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've been unpacking and cleaning for a couple weeks now.  The weather outside is gloriously hot and sunny, without a trace of the fog that overshadowed everything in the Land of Mists.  I wish I had the mental acuity to write more, but I've also been hit with head/chest cold that I sadly passed on to my little Sprout.  I've returned to some traditional habits that I grew up with in order to keep time so my spirit doesn't wither away, but I plan to return to the questions that pull me apart.  Just for the fun of it.
Meanwhile, I have come to the conclusion (thanks, Jenni) that trying to drink from a fire hose is impractical and inefficient.  Baby steps have never been my forte, but I'm going to work on it.

My final observation of the week: new carpet is the worst smell EVER.