Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A mundane sort of post about losing weight

Tips on Losing Weight Fast

I do not do well with schedules.  I'm one of those people who will follow a diet and exercise program rigorously, to the point of obsession, for about a week.  Maybe two.  Then I start to reward myself for doing so well.  Not that food is a reward, really.  It should be about survival.  I WANT it to be about survival.  I do like to enjoy what I eat, but my new mindset needs to be that it is fuel.  
I've considered a juice fast, but I'm not entirely sure what I did with my juicer.  Also, I think that would go terribly.  I like to chew things.  That's what teeth are for.
Here's my new idea (my new AWESOME idea): I am going to write down everything I ought to be doing onto slips of paper.  I will then put those papers into a hat and mix them up and pull one out every morning.  I will only do one thing each day, but I will do it WELL.  I'll have an exercise pile, and a food pile.

Some examples:
no sugar today
no sugar including fruit today--add more veggies
no carbs today
green smoothie for breakfast today--heavy on the 'green'

p90x cardio video today
40 minutes of laps in the pool today
1 yoga session today
walk to classes today instead of taking a bike, take the long way
no internet except for schoolwork today

If something really doesn't work with the day's schedule, I'll just put it back and pull out a different one.  I think it may work, because it's so unpredictable.

Any suggestions on things to add to my hat?  Any ideas for a ritual/spell I can create to stay focused?

starting weight: 182 lbs


  1. Drinking more water
    Watching portion sizes or counting calories (read labels or look it up)
    Eating more fiber (again with reading labels/looking up)
    No preservatives/artificial colors

    Get a full 8 (or 9) hours of sleep
    Go to bed at 10 (or something substantially earlier than normal)
    Get up early
    Avoid screens of any sort for 2 hours before bed--let your brain wind down

  2. Oh I like it! I think for portion control, I'm far too lazy/busy to measure, so I'll just put half back after I scoop out how much I think I'm gonna eat. :)

  3. What a great idea! I may have to adopt it, sounds like a great way to mix things.

  4. What about write down every thing you eat? I think I remember hearing somewhere that writing down what you ready is a good habit